Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Cake Pops

I know I am getting it in just under the wire, but I wanted to share these cake pops/balls before Easter is officially over.  I am a big fan of cake balls.  Check out Bakerella if you haven't yet; she is amazing.  They can be a bit time consuming, but they are delicious and I haven't met anyone yet who doesn't love them!  I usually just make normal balls, but I decided to try something new this time and made them into chicks and bunnies for Easter. :-)

The first step is easy enough.  Prepare a cake.  You can use pretty much any cake you want; this time I did a double batch, one vanilla and one chocolate cake.  I used a box mix this time to save time.

Once the cake is made and cooled, you take the beautiful cake and destroy it.

This party is actually kind of fun. :-)  Just brake it up until the crumbs are somewhat fine. 

Next, mix in a can of frosting.  Again, the canned stuff is fine, but if you want to make your own frosting, go ahead.  Cream cheese frosting works best because it does not make the mix too sweet. 

Once everything is combined, roll the cake into balls on a wax paper lined pan and put them in the fridge for several hours.

To make the chicks, I dipped the cold cake balls into melted yellow melts.  While the ball was still wet, I attached the orange candy melt nose.  Once the entire pop was dry, I used melted chocolate to attach the "wings" and "feet."  Finally I drew on eyes with a food safe marker.

I found the pops very cumbersome and time consuming.  I soon said, "forget this" and made them into just balls.  Even though they were less perfect, I just loved them.

The bunnies were the same general concept, just with marshmellow ears. 

I made about 1/4 of the balls into chicks and bunnies and the rest were just cute and colorful balls.

Verdict: Delicious as always.  I will definitely make the chicks again, they were adorable.  The bunnies' marshmellow ears were annoying so I might do something different with those next time around.

Coming Up: No clue!  Easter was a whirlwind, I need a day to recuperate and post the things I made but didn't post!

Happy Easter!
Jenna xoxo

P.S. I made adorable little treat boxes for some people this Easter.  The cute little boxes were on clearance at A.C. Moore.  I lined the box with bright tissue paper, filled the boxes with sugar cookies and cake balls/pops and put a cute bow on top.  Easter Love! 

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